The Blues and Greens of Summer

The Blues and Greens of Summer


11 thoughts on “The Blues and Greens of Summer

    • I had a GREAT day! I took over 200 shots, and most are good. J went with me, and it was nice to have some time alone with her when we are both stable and things are good.
      Are you out of school for the moment?

      • 200 shots!? Does J like to take shots, or as she along for the ride? Good to hear she had a good day. What have they done different with her treatment routine and do you think it’s working? I have MLK day off from school. Starting to know my teachers and understand the courses. My mind does not do well in anxious situations anymore. I actually have plans to go hiking and taking pics with my son this weekend. Only if it gets warmer. My old bones do not like this under 30 degree weather!

  1. She just goes along for the ride. She is still on the same medication, but she is in intense therapy now. It seems to be working, but then sometimes she just has a good week or two, so we will see. I tend to NOT get over excited anymore about her treatment, because none of it seems to work for very long. I’m glad you are out of school Monday. Do you work and go to school? If so, that must be hard. And with anxiety problems…Wow! I am impressed that you are going to school. That’s not an easy task for anyone. I hope you get a chance to go hiking with your son. It will be good for the two of you, I’m sure. I hope it warms up for you!

    • I am just going to school right now. Went back because I can’t get a decent job. I just received the bipolar diagnosis last summer. Spent my whole life thinking all the things I do are normal. I have realized how much my conditions have had mostly detrimental effects on my life. One of the things they had me do is list all the jobs I have had. I stopped after going back fifteen years. The point was made, I had fifteen different jobs listed. (guess I’m a little impulsive)….

  2. I don’t think I could keep just any job. Luckily, the field I am in allows me to be creative in some aspects, so that helps. I have to have creativity in my life or I get deeply depressed.
    15 jobs in 15 years? Wow! I once moved 12 times in a two year span when I was younger… 🙂

    • That’s alot of moving! We used to move on average every year and a half when I was growing up. With all the jobs I can’t seem to keep myself in one vocation. I really have a hard time seeing myself doing the same thing for very long. With the rate of change in the computer field, I hope to be able to stay satisfied. I have difficulties staying on path. I have already seriously considered changing my major and also considered walking away from school on a few occasions. Still looking for that little bit of stability to get me on track.

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